Business Solutions

  • Diverse global sourcing options for optimal and cost-saving deliveries
  • High flexibility in deliveries to face spot & long term requirements
  • Long term off-take and/or supply agreements
  • Risk management: market, pricing, logistics and/or counterparts
  • Market intelligence & continued communication with our partners
  • Skilled professional team with strong background in the industries

Transportation and Logistics

  • From the supplier to the customer
  • Time delivery domestic or international markets
  • Real time tracking and inventory control information
  • Independent operator

Chartering and Operations

  • Logistical support for the transportation of bulk and container materials
  • Negotiation of spot and forward voyage charters; time charters; contracts of affreightment; and agency and stevedoring agreements
  • Specialty services: product storage and handling, ocean transportation, trans-shipment from vessel to barge, rail or truck, and delivery to customer’s site


  • Long term marketing agreements
  • Risk management
  • Best long term net-back

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